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PP Aviation Logistics – Know how and the matching transport equipment

We have combined our long year experiences gathered from years of co-operation with Airlines, Aircraft manufacturers and aviation maintenance companies. In transportation of aircraft engines several factors are playing a role: Loads are time critical, with need for fast initial response and culminating to know how of proper engine handling in loading and during transportation.

These requirements can be achieved by proper planning, timing, training and continuous tracking functions.

Our transport equipment allows also transport of large and/or heavy machines and machinery assemblies. Fragile components are always transported using trucks and trailers with full air suspension.

More information in a nutshell : PP Kuljetuslinja Oy Brochure


Answer to time critical Logistics needs

The traditional operation model of road transport does not provide room for flexibility or quick reactions, which are required at time critical transports

The approach of PP Aviation Logistics guarantees that when for example a generator or a process pump breaks down in factory process, and a replacement part has being located, a Truck can be deployed instantly to pick up a replacement part – anywhere in Europe.

Transport can be handled via fastest route with two driver arrangements allowing continuous movement of the load – without waiting times, intermediate loading or terminals, efficiently eliminating risk for the transported goods or the schedule.

Our logistics service bases on constantly manned 24/7 service desk, available transport capacities at European continent and professional load tracking.


Logistics of industrial maintenance

In addition to the critical transportation needs arising unexpectedly, our logistics service fits perfectly to industrial maintenance needs, where all movements of equipment are planned and co-ordinated ahead of repair works. Here the core of our operational abilities; timing and planning comes in play.

PP Aviation Logistics service is based on direct point to point transports, where no intermediate unloading or loading will be required.

In our operation model a designated driver follows the load thru all phases, from initial loading to final unloading, ensuring proper handling of the loads during the whole logistics chain.