PP Kuljetuslinja Oy – Logistics and Transport

PP Kuljetuslinja Oy is a domestic privately-owned logistics company founded in 1996 providing transportation services to industry and retailers. Our company is based in Hyvinkää and our service area is Finland and Continental Europe. We generate net sales of approximately EUR 9 million per year.

We take care of whole and part load transports, different express and special transports, aviation logistics, warehousing services for transported goods, unloading and loading services for sea containers or separated trailers, as well as export-import transportation from / to Continental Europe.

More information in a nutshell : PP Kuljetuslinja Oy Brochure

Versatile and trustworthy fleet

Our fleet consists of semi-trailers and full-trailers, most of which are equipped with tarpaulin trailers. Our fleet is ideal for roof loading or side loading for long products. We also handle a lot of project transports with convertible and special fleet (wide, high and long loads)

Our goal is a satisfied customer who gets all needed Logistics services from one place.